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2D Animation Video Services

2D Animation video production allows you to communicate and bring your ideas, products and services to life. Videos are the most common way to interact with users and animation makes it exciting, fun and magical. After all, representing you brand value is an essential part of marketing.
Sanads Digital, the top animation video agency based in India. We add different animations in your video to tell your story and novel business ideas for business diversification.

2D Animation Services

Whiteboard Style

Communicate complex concepts easily in a hand-drawn animation created by a talented team of 2D experts. Interact with your audience in a fun and engaging way with WOW videos.

Frame-by-Frame Animation

Create admirable and high-quality videos with our professional frame-by-frame animation artists. Improve your marketing campaigns, drive engagement and increase ROI with top-notch content.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics usually involves animating images, texts or video clips using key framing that are tweaked to make a smooth motion between frames. The process of creating motion graphics depends on the programs used, since video editing software often have different UI or settings, but the idea is the same.

Traditional Animation

In traditional animation, animators draw images on a transparent piece of paper fitted on a peg using a coloured pencil, one frame at a time. Today, however, traditional animation can be done on a computer using a tablet, and does not require actual photography of individual frames.

Infographic Video

Hit the audience with high-value information compiled in an engaging animated video. Structure the data, convey the right messages to your customers and convert complex concepts into interactive and easy-to-comprehend content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It usually depends on your intended use of the video. We recommend, that videos created for marketing communication and product explainer videos should be restricted to less than 120 seconds. However, if you want to use a video for training purposes, then the duration can be as long as your content.
We can manage the entire process end to end while creating the video including: Scripting | Storyboard or Visualization | Graphics and Illustration | Animation | Voice over | Background music and sound effects.
You do. We may use the video for marketing purposes post your approval and due written consent to do so.
The charges depend on the style of the video you need and the concept that you have in mind. The charges for a simple montage video or a screencast video may be very less as compared to a more complex character animation or a motion graphics video.

Delivery timelines depend upon the type of video and duration of the video you need. A simple 60-90 second whiteboard or a motion graphics animation video will require approx 3 weeks for execution whereas a character animation video may require 3 to 4 weeks for execution. Rushing up a video production process may impact the quality of the video negatively.

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